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    New here and new to this

    Hey everyone! My name is Jack. I’m a transgender man in Utah. I have four kittens and am very happily married. I like to read, paint, and zone out. I currently am at a place where I’m drinking more than I really want to be. I’ve cut down from liquor to wine but still struggle to keep my consumption at a place that would be healthy for me and my life. I hope to meet new people and get some healthy influence in my life right now. I have a history of a sexual, physical, psychological and emotional abuse as a child as well as a lot of gaslighting since then. However, I’m on a regimen of therapy and neuropsychiatric care (including naltrexone) that I hope will be good (and seems good so far) for me. I come from a Mormon background where I wasn’t taught a lot about moderation, only abstinence, and it’s made it a little hard to figure out what’s a healthy amount for me. I feel like I’m really at the beginning in my stage out of alcohol dependency, which is what I would call it at this stage. Out here in Utah, people generally feel rather polarized about alcohol and I’m seeking a community that might understand some of the complexities around its use. Like I said, I really look forward to building and participating in a community. Hope your days ar going well so far

    HI if you go to the closed forum part I think more people will see.ive been on this forums for a few months, lots of supportive people & ideas.


      Here's the trick - First, welcome. You need to understand you're not alone right away.

      Secondly, it's critically important that two things happen. 1) Honesty with yourself 2) Don't over analyze it.

      What I would recommend for you right now, right this second, today is to discover how far gone things are. The fastest way to figure that out is to put a plug in the jug for 30 days. That's right, don't drink tonight (whatever you day you read this), don't drink tomorrow, or the next day.

      Here's where the honesty part comes in.. How did that feel when you read that?

      You likely had one of two responses.

      1) Actually, that sounds like a good idea. I can do that.
      2) Who is this asshole? Is he crazy? I don't want to not drink for 30 days... that sounds nuts. Who does that? what's the big deal?

      Here's the deal, regular people pick option 1. If you're a normal drinker, option 1 will be no problem for you. If you're not a normal drinker, you won't do option 1. You'll rationalize it away easily. Watch your thoughts, and see for yourself.

      You didn't get to this forum because you were searching for Daisies and Puppies....
      My Drinking Story


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        plasma really good post. Afterwards I googled “daisies puppies and alcohol” and got some really funny stuff.

      I'd encourage you, and anyone reading this post to come on in to the closed forum portion. We don't bite, and there is a lot of support what ever your goals are.
      Hope to see you posting again.



        Thanks for the responses! I’ll post over at the closed forum