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    My Simple Story

    I am 34.

    I use to drinks thrice a week and was not getting a good name in the family. so I decided to stop.

    I don't want to stop all of a sudden and then started d to sketch a plan.

    I decided to drink once a week and then proceed with twice a month and on.

    Initially, it was tough, I get to read the book the power of habit and i quickly realized the reason for my urge could easily getaway.

    I love to read books and drink coffee.

    So whenever I get an urge i use to visit a nearby coffee shop.

    Am a foodie so it helped. I used to spend an hour.

    and after two weeks i drank only twice and gained the momentum.

    It been 6 months and i drink just once a month and in control, in few months i will be completely alcohol-free.

    In the meanwhile, i picked up the love for coffee, and my body has changed a lot and feeling good difference.

    Now started reading about history of coffee and here is my recent write up the best coffee shops in the us

    I started to read more and life is better now.