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Avoiding being bored on Abs days

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  • Avoiding being bored on Abs days

    I've begun a big long list of "distraction" things-to-do for when I want to drink on an abs day. I'm using the HAMS "Alcohol-Free Fun Worksheet",but adding chores,jobs or projects too that are not all fun but totally occupy my brain. So I changed "Fun" to "Distractions". These are things I can start right before my witching hours! I looked at lists online of "things to do" which gave me plenty of directions (like "creativity" or "productivity" )to fill in with my own lifestyle and hobby themes.

    When I really got to thinking about it, I have some Very time consuming projects I could work at in poor weather. One is to sort through every piece of clothing I have and get some torn up and into the rag-bag,some thrown out, and some good stuff I'll just never wear again into bags for a second-hand-store. It's too easy for me too keep too much junk around. I could go through every drawer in the house too. I throw out stuff eventually(not a hoarder) but never make a Big thorough job out of it.I'd open up some closet space for sure.

    Another one is to go through my computer pictures and delete about 1000 of them(or more) and get 100s re-named so I can Find them. I should get pets,garden,friends,relatives etc etc all into separated Folders. I've had a bad habit of never deleting On my camera but downloading all the junk pictures with the good ones.Then I just left the files sorted by Year. I have to click Way too many times to find things now. I bet I could work on that mess every day for a week and not finish. I take a Lot of pictures.

    Tomorrow is my second abs day in a row for this week, and today I got ready for it by shopping with my husband for flowers and shrubs for the yard. Today we shopped during my witching hours and tomorrow I'll be planting during them,weather permitting. For my own drinking it will help me a Lot to make a habit out of being very Busy during that time of afternoon.

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    Great plan! Finding things to do to fill that void is smart, and getting the reward of feeling satisfaction from a job well done can be gratifying. The picture idea is a good one. I too have way too many pictures that I should organize.
    Idle hands are the devil's workshop, right? Let's stay busy. :-)


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      Video games are my go to or learning something new such as taking up an instrument or doing a new programming project. Something to just get lost in.
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