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Hello, ideas for long party plans?

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    Hello, ideas for long party plans?

    2020 was not kind to a lot of us and I found myself drinking every day after work plus holidays and weekends. I questioned myself a couple of times that year “when was the last time you went a day without a drink?” And I couldn’t answer. I thought that was not good.

    So about this time last year, I was inspired by someone I care a lot about and I decided to end my daily drinking.

    And I did. I have a few beers with a friend regularly, about every 3-4 weeks. And I’m satisfied with that. I’ve lost 30 lbs in that year too.

    The problem that remains with me is parties. My friends tend to throw weekend long (or longer) parties. There is always alcohol. The alcohol tends to flow early afternoon and then late into the night.

    The alcohol helps lubricate me socially and relaxes me so that’s why I do it. But after that point I kind of just do it to keep something in my hand to drink more as habit.

    I’m just wondering if anyone could point me to drinking plans involving parties, especially long ones, that I might draw inspiration from.

    nobody is saying you have to stay that long. create other plans that you can say that you have to leave.
    bring 2- 6 packs of non alcoholic beer or more and plan on drinking those so you can still participate. no one cares what is in your can they are too busy drinking their own drinks. They taste fair but it serves its purpose. You could make up some excuse that you are drinking them because you are on antibiotics, on a diet, etc.You could say that you are just not drinking right now.
    good luck keep us posted .