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  • Reduction Plan Starts Today

    I'm 49 and have been a moderate to heavy drinker for about 10 years. I've kept track fairly well and usually drink 8-10 drinks 5 nights per week. Once or twice per year I have abstained for 4-6 weeks at a time. I've never missed work because of drinking. However, I recognize that my drinking has negatively affected my work and home life. I'd say mostly zapping my energy level.

    I've never given a full effort of planned drinking but it appears to be a smart strategy. I'm going to start with a month of abstinence. My plan is to then do a one day intox of 10 drinks once per week - one 1.5 liter of red wine. I may do less but that's the initial plan.

    I'll post progress here.

    Thanks for the forum as I'm happy to have a place to come for reading and writing.

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    Welcome to the forum and good luck on your plan. I hope it works out for you.


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      Any attempt to slow or quit is a step in the right direction and commendable!


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        Welcome to the forum. Just curious- why are you abstaining for a week and then starting to drink again? Most of us are here to safely taper down so we don't get seizures. Just curious, hope that doesn't come off as rude.


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          No, there isn't that many taper people, I would guess 20% at most. Everyone has their own approach. A month reset then planned drinking is very much part of Hams.

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        bmerryman, I commend you on your plan! I am also new to this and planning on doing a 30 days cleanse. I am on day 4. I want to do this to lower my tolerance and cleanse myself from the daily habit that I have gotten myself into. Then slowly add 1-3 drinks in 2x per week. Please let us know how you are doing.


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          Welcome! Good luck with it.