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    Hello! I'm a 36 year old female who has socially drank on and off since I was 22. I've quit on my own and never worried about it. The past 6 months have been stressful for me and I began to drink about 4-5 times a week. I stopped 3 1/2 months ago for 2 weeks, but then started to drink almost daily, if not daily. I usually have a bottle of wine. Sometimes it's only 2-3 drink, sometimes it's up to 8. Usually 5. I usually drink wine, but sometimes beer and sometimes liquor. I'm ready to stop, and I was just going to go cold turkey, but now I'm afraid of withdrawals. Can anyone please help me with a safe taper plan? I would really be thankful!!!

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    Welcome. I suggest that join the main group (get a PW, etc.). Than you can read and post on the member forums. There is a ton of information and experience there. Also, on the HAMS website there is a lot of information. And of course the book. I've never tapered but most who have recommend doing it using something that's not your favorite drink. Instead of weaning off the wine, go with beer that your don't care for. Anyway, please join the main forum. Lots of support there.


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      I agree with Katy. There's lots of info on the site but also active members don't always see or look here, I rarely do. Sign up to the closed area and you'll get a lot of support.


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        Just chiming in, i agree with the above statements i recently went through withdrawals and tried to taper and a few months ago i was going through withdrawals and i found this website and it probably saved my life. I recently got the book and i highly recommend it, there is a chapter on tapering. Also it was recommended to me to start my own thread and you will get much more support. Hope you succeed, there are many great people hear who can help.


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          I would recommend joining the closed forum, as everyone else said. Tapering is easy, I've done it numerous times. If you do it well it canbasically make withdrawal nonexistent or only occasionally inconvenient.

          Use light beer and never get buzzed. Wait for withdrawal symptoms to start (elevated hr, Bp, shakes, sweats, anxiety etc). When they become bothersome, drink 1/3 to 1/2 a beer. I think the standard dose people have mentioned is 1/2 beer but that might give you a faint buzz, which is not the end of the world but is not how you should be approaching tapering repeatedly. If you have a low tolerance 1/4-1/3 a beer may be more useful.

          Amyways, you'll probably feel the symptoms go away in 5-10 minutes, then wait until they come back (which may be anywhere from another 5-10 minutes to several hours later), and repeat the taper dose. Do this again and again and try to hold off on the dose until the symptoms are truly bothersome, and you'll notice the interval between doses gets longer and longer. That's basically how I would do it.


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            Hello, I just saw all of these. Thank you all. How do I join the closed forum? I haven't figure this site out yet, maybe I just can't see it bc I'm on mobile?


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              Go to the main forums page and register is in the yellow box. It's a link. I just did it a little bit ago. Good luck. I started tapering two days ago to what I need but am still going through hell right now, then again I was every day for over a decade and a whole lot. Let me know how you're doing.

              sorry, the box is above the closed forum tabs.