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Safe level to do an abs day?

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  • Safe level to do an abs day?

    Daily drinker down to 4 drinks a day from upward of 8. Would it be safe to do an abs day at this point?

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    Wait until you are down to 2 then give it a try have some beer on hand in case you start to w/d


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      Nox I've found Hermanite to be giving some great advice in my taper. I just started and those are the kind of questions I'm asking. From what others have responded just don't go too fast. I went too fast, went out for a errands and a walk for a few hours and ended up walking into a bar hands trembling and sweating. Plus the anxiety of finding a dive bar outside my neighborhood where I knew the bartender had probably seen this kind of thing before.

      I took some sage advice from people on here and didn't rush it. I was averaging 4 bottles a week and started on Tuesday (well, Tuesday night) and I'm at 4 now although my last taper drink was 17hrs ago. So I'm a big proponent of hanging in there, going at the speed you body is taking you, don't be afraid to have a drink when you need one (only what you need) and post here and gain the encouragement from the group.