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Tapering - my experience

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    Tapering - my experience

    so, there's a bit of controversy as to whether tapering works. First things first, yes it does. I have been through multiple serious alcohol withdrawals and I have just used tapering, seriously, for the first time because I just moved to china and Valium isn't readily available. But my points on the experience:

    - I hope you like beer. You'll be sipping it for at least 24 hours if it's serious withdrawals, and it's horrible after a bit
    - be near a toilet, you will piss a lot
    - be near an outlet in case you need more beer. Not ideal if you're unwell and withdrawing
    - I still threw up after about 8 hours, but the beer kept everything else under control. Shakes and sweats controlled ok.
    - very little sleep for about 36 hours. Don't know if that was me, but an unpleasant experience.

    in my experience, it worked, but a rough and unpleasant ride. It keeps the worst at bay, but too much and you're getting drunk, so it's hard to find the balance. You're constantly trying to take enough to reduce symptoms, but not too much.

    my advice, get yourself some diazepam and do it that way. You will need a couple of days to rest and do it right, but I think it's a much more gentle comedown (due to the comparative half life between alcohol and diazepam) and relatively easy to wean off. It will give you some sleep too during those first 48 hours. You don't need medical supervision, just start with 20mg, give it 20 minutes and if no good up the dose. Repeat dose every 2-3 hours for 3 times, then begin to reduce it and increase the time between doses. You don't need to use it overnight...or maybe once on night one.

    Good luck!
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    Nice post a lot true in it.



      Good for you.

      We tend to avoid giving actual medical advice. We share our personal experiences of such things but we don't advice or give dosing instructions simply because there are so many variables in humans, other meds etc and that should only come from a doctor. I'd worry somebody desperate would read your post, buy online and use your dosage and get ill.


        My apologies. I didn't mean to mislead or misguide. In my experience of multiple withdrawals, both at home on my own, and in detox centres, 20mg of diazepam is the 'standard' starting dose both for myself and others around me.

        as an aside, the whole 'tapering ' article on this site is medical advice, including dosages. So I don't see what your beef is...

        of course the best option is to attend a detox centre (which I don't enjoy), followed closely by consulting a GP and seeking a script with advised dosage. My GP knows me and my situation, and she knows I understand how to use diazepam to detox, so she is comfortable prescribing me diazepam if I get into difficulties. You might struggle getting a GP to prescribe it if they don't know you, or have a policy against such things.

        i wouldn't recommend purchasing online, you don't know what you're getting!!!

        my MAJOR point remains, however, that diazepam is definitely an easier and gentler detox than tapering...
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