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I Vow Never To Attempt An Abs-30 Ever Again !!!

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    Well said Siouxzen.
    My Alcohol Free Story


      Originally posted by Happy Pilgrim View Post
      I started AA three weeks ago after a 2 month binge. I was scared of WD and just feeling vulnerable and crappy. I got a "temporary sponsor" , made it through the first few days without any symptoms. AA immediately made me uncomfortable with strongly encouraging me to declare my alcoholism, thus person telling me I had to call her, she would be picking me up for meetings eto. On day three I was sitting in my neighborhood coffee place with her sponsor loudly reading from the big book! I did appreciate the support initially,, but it quickly became too much. After 19 days, I bought a bottle of wine, drank it, had a bath and went to bed. I didn't report it to her and declared at the next meeting I was on day2. I want out! but what is the sorta alcolholic to do? I'm glad to find this site, this sounds so much more realistic for a person who is not about to declare that my life is unmanageable, and I am helpless. nothing is farther from the truth! ahhhh, I feel so much better. I think drinking once in three weeks is fabulous improvement to 2 bottles of wine a day!!

      thanks for listening, all you sensible souls here
      Holy cow. I know this is an old post but it is so true to what I experienced with AA. all of it. And they make you think you will die if you stop going or you will die if you pick up another drink


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        Because there's some truth to it...

        I know a guy who attended AA for a few years, then backed off because he felt he had a handle on the situation, then he started drinking again, then within 30 days slammed into an overpass piling drunk driving.

        Another couldn't solve his demons and walked into oncoming traffic.

        Another thought he had a grip after a year in AA, drank so much in one night he died of alcohol poisoning.

        So yes, for real alcoholics, drinking can most certainly increase the odds of physical death, not to mention death of the spirit. At best, everything bad that ever happened in my life, happened when I was drunk.

        Not everyone has a desire to stop drinking. AA is a program for people who have a desire to stop drinking. Not people who desire to drink less, or people who desire to control their drinking, but for those who truly want off the merry go round.


      From my experience of many years in AA.

      I had in the beginning, great hope and had various periods of sobriety, between a few weeks and a year.
      I had a very traumatic experience with a long term member who was a 13th stepper and I almost but didn't succumb.
      AA smashed my already low self esteem. I, like many had childhood trauma which led to severe anxiety which led to the bottle.
      AA tried to brainwash me into feeling helpless and preaching that there way is the only way.
      AA rammed down my throat that basically I had numerous defects of character which I had to admit to a string of rather narcissistic judgemental sponsors.
      AA is a sick cult. It is a religious programme in disguise.
      I went into rehab which was a 12 step programme, there were murderers, paedophiles, prostitutes, drug pushers, perverts in there. I did not judge them and became very close to many, but would not recommend my daughter for example to be put into this environment. Which led to tragic results for many.
      I gave it my all, twice becoming secretary of two groups for a year at a time, so I certainly did everything suggested.
      I saw many many people who after sometimes long periods of sobriety, drank for one night and because of the shame went on to commit suicide.
      There were so many seriously miserable people in those rooms, that the meetings became very painful. Many are no longer with us.
      It is an all or nothing programme which is why with respect, many of the incidences which you have quoted occurred.

      It is time that this programme had a damn good shake up and was brought into the 21st century.
      I have vowed to never return.
      There is little love and acceptance unlike forums like this.

      Yes it did keep me sober for many years, but the cost was too great for me. It allowed me to be manipulated back into unhealthy family relationships. Question my own sometimes good judgement and badly affected my mental health.

      There is a lot of truth in "The orange papers"