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Seeking solutions through a doctor

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    Seeking solutions through a doctor


    This is my first post. I've been struggling with my alcohol intake for 10 years. I'm a "young" alcoholic or so they tell me. I started having problems with it from age 17 on. Drinking alone, in the morning, before work, on lunch, driving. I've tried AA, many times. I've been in numerous recovery programs, and done sober living. I've also recently discovered naltrexone, which has changed my life but I haven't been able to get where I want to be. I'm running out of the pills I bought so expensive online...

    I want to stop drinking for myself, and my wife and almost two year old daughter. My longest period of sobriety has been a year and a half while in sober living before I met my wife.

    I went into naltrexone thinking I could cut my drinking down. And it has, I'd go so far to say it saved my life. But, I get severe side effects, headaches, drowsiness, jitters, severe vision distortion when taking it. It's also going to be really expensive to keep up. I don't like taking it.

    I set up a pcp appt to become a new patient in June. I heard wonders about baclofen to stop the cravings. But I'm hesitant to mention alcoholism because I know the dark cloud medically I'll be enshrined in. Yet, I want to try the baclofen for it.

    Also, I've been reading about treating cravings with cannabis. Ohio is now giving medical cards, and this route is very tempting, but I think I may have to avoid the alcoholism route and go for anxiety (which is a large undiagnosed issue of mine) instead. I don't like taking drugs so cannabis seems like the most healthy route. I just wanted to ask if anyone else has done this or currently does it legally or illegally. I've always told my wife if I could quit drinking and start medicating I would. But she's somewhat opposed to cannabis, if I had a good case to make I think I could sway her opinion for the sake of my own life alcohol free.

    I'm sober today, but still feeling gross after drinking a 6 pack of beast tall boys and vodka by myself while my wife was out of town. I'm not a daily drinker now, but when I binge, I go way over my line and embarrass myself. I get lonely and start texting and trying to call old friends and black out. I wake up and have to deal with the horrifying aftermath, usually my wife is mad and not speaking to me. I just wonder how long it will be before it kills me one way or the other. I don't intend to ever drink too much, but it always happens sometime or another, and then I self loathe and fixate on things stupid things I've done.

    Any help and input is appreciated, especially in seeking medical help and how to go about it. I read an article on this page about whether to tell your doctor or not, and I still can't decide.

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    Hi Jaru,

    I've been there in the ringer with AA, doctors, meds. I just wanted to share that Cannabis has been a huge help for anxiety and depression. I'd do Indicas because Sativas can be too stimulating. Vaporizing it is healthier than smoking it and is more of a mild effect imo. The awesome thing about weed is that it distracts your mind with other things and it's definitely helped me reduce interest in alcohol.

    There's a "shift" that happens when I take the first drag of it. Cravings are a form of obsession so anything you can do to shift your mind over to a different state is helpful. Definitely worth exploring!

    CBD oil might be a great place to start, as it acts on the brain to help calm you down and focus better. It also reduces pain. CBD oil isn't psychoactive, so you can function normally. Here's some info on the science behind it:

    Whatever you do don't take Benzodiazopines, they are extremely addictive and the withdrawal can ruin your life.(I went through it, it's hell) If you go to a med doc it's likely they'll prescribe that, though it depends on the doctor.

    Alcohol severely worsens anxiety disorder. It's a rebound effect from the initial calming response. I am shocked at how hard this info buried. That's been #1 reason I significantly reduced the frequency of drinking. You may want to consider an initial abs period 30 days so you can let your system heal a bit. Do lots of vitamins. B complex, Magnesium + Calcium, Inostitol for obsessive cravings, Milk Thistle for Liver Detox, L-Theanine for anxiety, Melatonin for sleep.

    One of the best addiction docs I went to prescribed me Gabapentin off label for anxiety and honestly it's a life saver. Slows your brain down but you can still function, doesn't seem too many side effects except some mild dizziness and eye dryness.

    Anyhow, I'm a noob here on the site, but certainly tried everything over a period of years, found lots of stuff that helps. chiming in


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      Welcome SpaceCat!

    well I can honestly say that the only way I managed to get an appetite while tapering and the following withdrawal was because of Cannabis, but as far as reducing cravings for alcohol I doubt it. Perhaps at first, but how you react to Cannabis definitely changes over time as you get used to the altered mental state. CBD oil is suppose to be great for anxiety. It doesnt have the THC, the part that gets you "high". But honestly...the side effects of weed. Food, naps, and short term memory lose after habitual prolonged use are really like the only side effects (no FDA approved pill has a list so short). Some people report increased anxiety, but I suspect its being worried about the legal consequences most of the time.
    But if your lady doesnt approve it wont help with the stress at home. Sorry if this wasnt alot of help.



      I have a lot of knowledge in the medical marajauna industry. If you like you can message me for more information. But it seems like you have the right idea. The C oil is great... But it doesn't have a good "half life" I geuss you can say. If it works for you, great. Especially with a taper schedule. Don't be ashamed or nervous about taking to your doctor. My doctor was very understanding when I first attempted sobriety...
      He prescribed me a low dose benzo for 5 days. It really does help you get through the withdrawals if you can't handle the taper.


        Hi I agree that nal side effects are pretty hard for some people. I couldn't go through with it.

        Concerning marijuana, I'd say it's worth a shot but be aware that if you suffer from anxiety as I do it could possibly make things worse. Try starting with a very low THC strain and see how it goes. Please avoid the really strong sativa types, they are dangerous for people who have mental issues (like anxiety). You can also look into CBD products which are legal in many countries where cannabis is banned. It not psychoactive but does produce a calming effect. Good luck.


          I’m from Australia, so my advice might not necessarily apply to the USA. Having said that, in my experience the medical profession are very keen to help. Addiction doesn’t have the same social stigma nowadays, and MOST doctors will be very helpful. If you can find a younger and more progressive thinking GP, they will most likely help any way they can. My GP in Australia was great, and she was happy to prescribe anything if we thought it could help me.

          I also tried the cannabis route, but for me it was not successful.

          Campral is good for controlling cravings if you are bouncing from binge to binge.

          I certainly associate with your situation. I lost my wife and 3-month old baby a few years back, due to drinking.


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            Welcome Back, Poit. Glad you checked in. Let us know how you are doing?

          Thanks Merlin. My own journey has been rough since my first posts in 2017.

          i have given some thoughts in the members forum.


            I am on my second week on baclofen, so far for me it is a miracle. I have posted about it on a recent thread thread titled something like "How can my parents still press my buttons at age 65" Early days for me but I have suffered crippling anxiety for 35 years, which eventually led to me having to sell my business 8 years ago and becoming agorophic and unable to drive. Good luck my friend.