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Day 149 of 180 abs

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    Day 149 of 180 abs

    Gmornin HAMSters! First sincerest apologies for not being more productive here. I misplaced my tablet and don't use my smart phone for this. I've maintained my abs plan and haven't faltered yet! I hope that all of you are doing well with your individual plans and are doing well with your challenges in keeping to them! I am unsure as to what my moderation plan is going to be once my goal is reached. My initial ideas are to have a wonderful steak dinner with a quality red wine on Thursday evening 14 Jun as i am traveling to Ohio for a wedding the following day. I then tentatively have planned abs days for Monday-Thursday allowing 2-4 units Friday evening and Saturday leaving Sundays as an optional day depending on social schedule. Although keeping abs while on my bike or driving. So far my abstinence has been relatively easy compared to many of you. (Which I am extremely grateful for!) My road on abs has been filled with keeping my mind occupied and my hands busy as well as reviewing things in my past that alcohol was included. (Actually a frightening amount! Roughly 80% of my waking time was spent with some type of alcohol in hand). It's interesting in hindsight how easy it is to be able to do that or how I could rationalize the "Need" to have some sort of alcoholic beverage in hand. Anything from being a supportive spouse/significant other or friend to being a gracious host making those at the gathering comfortable with their "having a few. Even though I had been educated and seen and experienced the detrimental effects of alcohol abuse, there always seemed to be something comparatively worse for me to rationalize keeping drinking. I'm uncertain whether it is my age, life experiences, or peer group at this time that has opened my eyes so to speak as to what my drinking has caused in my past and the realization that I can control my drinking and be functional and have fun without alcohol. I'd like to thank all of you for your support, camaraderie, advice and the privelge of sharing your stories with me! Im still here and aint going anywhere!! Gozer IOMC

    Well, geee Gozer. Posting your update in the open forum. Good idea.

    I saw that you were posting earlier today, and flipped you just a little "s" in your HAMS plan demanding an update.

    June 14? That's getting big fast looking over the handle bars? EH? I have great appreciation for your renewed commitment to not drive buzzed. When drinking EVERY dang day was my style, well, lets just say I REALLY had a long LUCKY run. Makes me embarrassed as well as evokes a shudder to think about.

    Sparrow Cookie Tckling and merlin monitor the open forum as well, and would expect them all to drop you in well wishes here as well.

    Enjoy those stuffed pork chops, which I'm sure you already have as you are reading these words.


    ps. to anyone reading these words? Sign on up and come into the closed forum. We do NOT bite.


      Hey Gozer! I am so glad you are checking in and doing so well. Wow, your six months have flown by. Isn’t it a relief to know that you do not have to drink nor need to drink? I wish you all the best with your moderation plans. I look forward to regular updates. 🤗

      "We must make the best of those things that are in our power, and take the rest as nature gives it."

      - Epictetus


        very impressive indeed!


          Thanks for this inspo.