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    Non-Alcohol Beers

    Good Morning All, I'm just wondering if I were to have a non-alcohol beer will I undo all the time I have gone abs. I want so much to make my 30 days abs. But have those thoughts of well, will that cause problems?

    Originally posted by Jer357 View Post
    ... if I were to have a non-alcohol beer will I undo all the time I have gone abs....
    Not sure what you mean by undo?

    Are you meaning like will the minimal alcohol in fake beer cause cravings of some sort?

    I use fake beer all the time to get thru abs periods.



      Arty Thanks for responding, and thanks for the info. Yes, I was worried that the .5% would cause some kind of craving that I just didn't want to fight off right now. But I was also looking for something other than soda, flavored water, or just plain water to drink. Thanks!


        Actually I’m a huge fan of the alcohol-free drinks. The beers taste good, and the wines are decent.

        you won’t have physical cravings, but you might have associated thoughts that ‘one real one won’t hurt’. As long as you are aware that one real one WILL hurt, it’s fine.


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          Poit Thanks, I just couldn't find anything that would give me a clear answer. This forum is the best place to get info. Thanks again, and have a great 4th!