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Where are the pinned threads?

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    Where are the pinned threads?

    I have read, on this forum, that there are posts about how to change your drinking habits and similar, but I can't find them. I thought that they would be pinned, but they aren't anywhere on the main pages. Can you help me?

    Hi! I am not quite sure what you are referring to other than the book "How to Change Your Drinking" by Kenneth Anderson. There are links to the book on amazon on the Home page of this forum and at

    Otherwise, people are generally talking about their drinking habits, their goals and the changes they are making in different threads.

    I would suggest going to first as there is a lot of info available. Keep us posted!


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      BerryPolter did you find what you were looking for?

    • BerryPolter
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      No, I haven't found it.