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Global Drinking Limits

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    Global Drinking Limits

    The current governmental risk limits for some countries are arbitrarily to low. Particularly in the Anglo-Saxon countries U.K. US, Australia etc. Common culture in Spain, Italy, France, and Asia is that 3-4 drinks per day in just moderate and normal. Generally about 21-28 drinks per week. Even more ridiculous is that the U.K. Claims that a beer is more that one unit or more than one drink and restricts weekly total to 14 units. I am not sure what Winston Churchill would think about that, as he averaged 20+ per day about 140 per week and lived to be 90. The insanely low limits results in people not even taking the limits seriously.
    epidimological studies show that people who drink 4 per day are the lowest risk groups. ( see Poikolainen)

    and..... your point is....?

    Just as a by and by, our AA group just lost a guy this week who had been sober for a bit, but then turned back to the bottle.. drank so much in a short period he died. Family found him after 4 days.

    Oh and we just lost another one.. this one went insane because he couldn't solve his drinking problem. He left a note in his car that he didn't want to live this way and walked into oncoming traffic.

    Oh and there was that other AA guy we knew who was sober for like 6 years, then decided he wanted to drink again. Drove his car into a bridge piling while drunk and killed himself.

    Oh and then the son of another acquaintance decided driving drunk was a good idea week before last. Hit a women and her daughter head on next to the church.. killed them both. He's in jail, they're dead. Truly tragic. He claims he *only* had *a few*...

    My best friends step father drank his liver into a coma, he died last year at 59 from cirrhosis. He didn't think he drank much, until it was too late to do anything about it.

    No normal person has a desire to drink every day, much less 4 per day, especially not 20+ per day. Only alcoholics think this way. Normal people likely couldn't tell you what any government guideline about drinking is. But people are trying to justify their drinking habit do. I know I did. I went through all that. At first "guidelines" pissed me off.. who are they to tell me what to do. That was just me trying to absolve myself of my part in my drinking while meanwhile I kept fucking up my life drunk or hungover or both as life around me slowly deteriorated until I was begging god every morning to make it stop. Only took 25 years to come to this conclusion.

    Whatever you do, don't trivialize the true deadliness of alcoholism. I don't care what kind of alcoholic Winston Churchill was. The fact is alcohol kills people, and it could be you.
    My Drinking Story


      I think Jaco's point is that different countries have different limits. Plain and simple. Perhaps the limits in Europe are higher, because those countries have alternatives to driving cars, and tougher laws against driving drunk. Perhaps it's a cultural thing - wine with a meal is "normal" to citizens of many countries.

      Plasma, please remember that everybody is not the same as you. (although AA would disagree). You cannot blanketly say that "No normal person has a desire to drink every day." Even the US government says it's OK to drink every day (1 serving for women, 2 for men). AA is not the only program out there, and many of us are here because we've had bad experiences with AA or disagree with its teachings of powerlessness. Some of us prefer programs that teach self-empowerment, and self-realization.

      Sorry if I sound harsh, but one size doesn't fit all.


        As much as I would love to say at least some level of drinking is Ok, the recent data are showing more and more that any alcohol is bad for our bodies.
        the data around alcohol decreasing cardiovascular risk are now very much in question. So now I drink knowing that it’s not good or even ok for my body. As long as I know and accept that, I can make an I formed decision about choosing to drink. We have to be honest with ourselves about what we do to our bodies with alcohol. BTW, I’m really typing this as a reminder to myself, because I need it!


          Any substance, taken immoderatly is quintessentially damaging to your health. Remember the axiom, “Everything in moderation”.

          One of the best things about this site is that we are all free to follow an individual path to assess our relationship with alcohol be it abstinence, moderation, or harm reduction. Judgement has no place here, as we all are on a journey together. Some will race forward, others will proceed at a moderate pace, some will even run backward a pace or two. It’s ok. The joy, (yes it’s there) is knowing that as long as you keep moving, you will get to where YOU need to be. Your choice is to lift up those who fall, slow your pace to chat for a while, race ahead so that the goal is clearly attainable, and always, always choose kindness, to yourself and to others.