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Question about Naltrexone

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    Question about Naltrexone


    I'm new here so will provide a brief overview for context relating to my question.

    I have been abstinent from alcohol since the 19th of Feb this year. This was achieved by using prescribed Antabuse, plus sedation for withdrawals and sleeping difficulties during the first month. I've recently had to discontinue Antabuse because of unmanageable side effects and was then prescribed Naltrexone.

    My question is about how exactly to take it as I'm now very confused. It's been prescribed for every day use and even the packaging is marked with each day of the week on it and yet....all reports from users indicate that they take it one hour before consuming alcohol, using The Sinclair Method protocol. Given that I am now abstinent and wish to stay that way, my intention in using this medication is to reduce cravings (which I still have) rather than amount of drinks. Can anyone shed some light on this for me please?

    My other question is that I took half a tab to start with and it literally bombed me out for two days. Is that normal? I'm a very small female. 5'2 and 50 kilo's.

    Thank you for reading.

    I would recommend making an account and posting this in the closed forum, you will get much more of a response. However to answer your question , yes the Sinclair method involves using nals when u drink and only when you drink. Most doctors and rehab places using naltrexone either don’t know this or are not using TSM. In this case like with you, nals is used to reduce cravings which doesn’t make a lot of sense in terms of the mechanism. It reduces the euphoria you get from alcohol which will cause your brain to not seek it as much, in turn reducinng the addictive ness of the alcohol.

    So I’m my opinion, it will really have very little effect if you use it dailt
    and without drinking


      Naltrexone decreases the effect of alcohol but also decreases alcohol cravings. It’s also used for weight loss because decreases cravings for food too. So folks take it when they are abstinent to decrease cravings. You should talk w your doc about the dose.


        Thank you for responding